Freedom Home Academy wants to ensure that every child is treated justly. There are many values and principles that we feel are important for every Afrikan. We extracted a few that will serve as simple guidelines for children behavior at the Academy. We recognize that children have shifting behaviors at times as they learn more about themselves and growing. We will do everything we can to foster an environment of positive development and learning how to deal with change, emotion, and knowledge.

Respect self and Respect your Afrikan brothers and sisters

Love yourself as a proud Afrikan

No malicious or unwarranted violence

Respect your mind and body

Act with integrity- tell the Truth

Be Self-determined

Be productive with your time

No wasting of food

No taking without permission

Discipline yourself by being organized

Honor Afrikan ancestors and the Afrikan Red, Black, & Green flag

Share your knowledge and be collective with your actions

Reconcile differences with your brothers and sisters

Accept consequences of inappropriate behavior

Study to master comprehension

Act and dress in a dignified manner

Clothing with European images are not allowed at school.

Female students must wear skirts that are below the knee.

  • For severe offensive behavior, students are under a 2 strike policy and possible expulsion from academy
  • Certain behaviors will be treated case by case with parent involvement.
  • Academy reserves the right to not admit any child, and perform corrective action as the Director sees fit

If you have questions about our program, please call us to discuss by appointment, or send us a message through our contact page.


Your child’s safety is very important to us. We go through high measures to ensure that everyone is safe.

Parents/authorized family members must sign form of alternative pick up designees.

The facility is monitored by an ADT Security system with a 120 second response time guarantee by Emergency Services. A closed circuit camera is positioned at the lower level entrance for extra security and monitored by the building maintenance.

He who does not know, can know from learning.

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